Product Scrap

Types Of Scrap

Aluminum Scrap

Various grades of aluminum scrap available, including extrusion, casting, and mixed aluminum scrap.

Brass Scrap

Brass scrap subtypes include yellow brass, red brass, and brass turnings, suitable for recycling into new brass products.

Iron Scrap

Subtypes of iron scrap include cast iron, wrought iron, and HMS (Heavy Melting Scrap), serving different industrial applications.

Steel Scrap

Steel scrap varieties include HMS 1 & 2, shredded steel, and steel turnings, suitable for steel manufacturing and recycling processes.

Stainless Steel Scrap

Stainless steel scrap subtypes include 304, 316, and duplex stainless steel scrap, offering corrosion resistance and durability.

Nickel Alloys Scrap

Nickel alloys scrap varieties include Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy, suitable for aerospace, marine, and chemical processing applications.

High Temperature Alloys Scrap

High-temperature alloys scrap subtypes include superalloys, titanium alloys, and molybdenum alloys, offering exceptional heat resistance.

Copper Scrap

Copper scrap subtypes include bare bright copper, #1 copper, and #2 copper, used in electrical wiring, plumbing, and electronics.

Lead Scrap

Lead scrap varieties include lead-acid batteries, lead sheet, and lead wheel weights, valuable for recycling into new lead products.


Automotive Batteries

Used automotive batteries scrap, including lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, suitable for recycling into new batteries.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries scrap, commonly used in marine and renewable energy applications, available for recycling.

Medical Batteries

Medical batteries scrap from various medical devices, including lead-acid and lithium batteries, recyclable for environmental sustainability.

Hard Batteries

Durable hard batteries scrap, such as lead-acid batteries from vehicles and machinery, valuable for lead recycling.

Pewter Batteries

Recyclable pewter batteries scrap, often found in electronic devices and toys, valuable for its lead content.

Soft Batteries

Soft lead-acid batteries scrap, commonly used in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and backup systems, suitable for lead recycling.

Wheel Weights

Lead wheel weights scrap, used for tire balancing in automotive and transportation industries, recyclable for lead recovery.

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